Get real profit from loyalty programs today!
Crypto Loyalty Program creates a global processing center with a wide acceptance of loyalty points from different areas of life around the world
Launching IEO on Coinsbit Exchange May, 22nd 2020 at 11:00 GMT
People carrying loyalty points can easily exchange them
for crypto points and hold them, sell them in stock, or swap them for other loyalty points they are interested in
CL PROGRAM combines the exchange between loyalty points and air miles to ensure transparent and convenient transactions
Low fee transactions
A decentralized platform available to customers and companies with lower transaction and operating costs
Rapid exchange
CL PROGRAM allows you to quickly exchange loyalty points for others or buy available loyalty points using CL PROGRAM
Wide range of loyalty programs
CL PROGRAM currently allows you to exchange with more than 20 different loyalty programs
Limited number of Master nodes
Limit is 2000, the initial Master Nodes and the coin holder will get more passive income
Mobile devices support
Use your Smartphone with the user-friendly software
The starting price for IEO is 0.00000010 BTC
Total 340,000,000 coins
Range of integration
Air companies
Restaurants and cafes
Mobile operators
What is CL token?
CL program allows each company to create its own Masternode to protect the blockchain and earn stable income
Global Coverage
Big Partnerships
January 2020
Concept and Team formation
Launching of the CL PROGRAM project development
March 2020
Creating the CL PROGRAM prototype
April 2020
The website finalizing
Program testing
May 2020
Launching the website
Launching IEO
August 2020
Searching for marketing partners
Starting a marketing campaign
September 2020
Full-scale project development
Necessary documents preparations
October 2020
Building partnerships
The beginning of the software development
January 2021
Event planning 2021
Our Team
Project Director
СЕО Specialist
Web Designer
Joseph Hampton
Robert Lynch
Gwen Robbins
Roger Greer
Richard Chapman
CL PROGRAM provides a simple, fast and secure exchange between coins and reward systems with low liquidity risk
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